What is the Face Yoga Method?

Mom face yoga.jpg
  • The Face Yoga Method is a blend of yoga-like body postures and facial exercises which improves your appearance and over all well-being.

  • The Face Yoga Method is a unique technique to turn back the clock. The method focuses on your facial movements and expressions, and teaches you how to exercise your face muscles to create a firmer more sculpted face line and since conscious breathing has been known to help increase blood flow to the skin, it also encourages deep breathing techniques.

  • With regular practice, you will notice that your expressions will change and any stress lines on the face will start to smooth out. The end result is younger, radiant glowing skin, a greater sense of self confidence, and a new awareness from the inside-out.

  • Face yoga may also benefit people with a gummy smile, stroke, and Bell's palsy.

  • So just like yoga, the ultimate goal of of The Face Yoga Method is self-realization.


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